A shopping cart system with small requirements.


LightShop is a shopping cart system that works with the most hosting providers. The small system requirements make LightShop the ideal solution for the cheap hosting.

Detailed info.

LightShop is a shopping cart system system based on the following technologies:

  • XML archive
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • Email

The XML support allows LightShop to work also in the hostings without database support (MySQL, Postgres, etc.) and makes the price list editable with a simple text editor.

The price list can be organized in sections and for all items it can be possible to define a title, a description, the unit price and a unlimited number of options and overprices.

When selected the items and quantities, the system shows the cart content, all possible options with overprices and the form to fill the customer data.

The system can also evaluate the distance from the store and to apply different shipping costs. The customer can decide if to accept the shipping costs or simply to post the order and then go and pick up your order at the store.